zooming in on 80 Titwood Road site potential

Recent History of Penington CoHousing, senior cohousing group Glasgow

29th June, 2017

February 2017:  Steven Tolson’s report on our First Site

In February 2017, we received a copy of Steven Tolson’s report, A Report on Co-Housing Development Proposals on behalf of Southside Housing Association in association with Penington Senior Co-Housing Ltd. We had been offered part of a redevelopment in Pollokshields, Glasgow, by Southside HA (SHA). We had planned on having about half the flats for sale and half for social rent, architect’s plans had been drawn up for us on this site. In his report, Steven had looked at the costings of the local area, average cost of a flat is £120-130K, the build cost of Phrase 1 of the redevelopment average flat cost was £220K. Not only had the flats to be built, but new roads and utilities had to be installed across the whole site. We were to be in Phrase 2, but the figures presented a large gap which would be a loss to anyone buying into the project in this location.

Wider Implications: heightened need for Senior CoHo

Steven hopes to release his report with the site specific inform taken out, for promoting the need for cohousing to all agencies. He also highlighted the enormous need for fully accessible housing for older people. With the withdrawal of wardens in sheltered housing projects, councils and government are looking for ways to offer housing where older people can live independently without statutory help for as long as possible. These objectives and built in social activities are what cohousing offers and Steven is enthusiastic about cohousing and has many connections within the building/planning/government/education agencies.


Developing Plans for our next site

There was a meeting in June with Donna Reilly, SHA, Steven and representatives from Penington and Gordon Brown, who did the costings for the project, where Donna talked of another site on Titwood Road, where the average cost of flats is £160-170K, that is in the area covered by SHA, which would be vacant in about two and half years. This makes those flats for sale much closer to the £170K we said we could afford to purchase the flats when we started working with SHA, so a more realistic return on the sale of the flats at this location.  Steven was to find out about getting Penington an option on the site from Glasgow City Council. They also hoped to find pilot funding for Penington CoHousing.


We hope to find funding for Steven to continue working with us as a consultant in the future.


Ann MacInnes, Director, Penington CoHousing