Penington Cohousing Introductory Pack

Welcome to our Growing Community.

Our plans are to live in the Glasgow area.  Currently, those interested as members and associates are scattered.  We are trying to promote ways for us to get to know each other to form our community before we become neighbours.  Your input and cooperation will be much appreciated!

To comply with new data protection law we need your consent to share information about your interests with others in the group, please make sure that you tick the box on the form about sharing this.

The membership process starts with completing the application form; the next stage is an explorer phase, where we learn about each other and you learn more about cohousing and our plans.  Ideally, at this time you will meet with most of the other members in person.  Your membership will then be confirmed.


Current Plans

Steve Tolson, our volunteer consultant, knows the Managing Director of Urban Union, a smaller developer who is building homes for sale in Pollokshaws, a site served by 3 rail stations and good bus routes.  The development includes terraced houses, and flats (designs available from Ann).  We are planning to buy homes on this site, and collectively buy a one bedroom flat as our shared space for communal activities including shared meals.  Buying the flats as a group could mean that we will be able to negotiate a discount.


News from the local Community Council is that the planning permission for the groundworks has not yet been given, but Urban Union hopes to start in Feb 2019.


Help with moving Decluttering & Downsizing

Both Ann and Barbara have moved in the last 7 years, and know the difficulties that this can bring.  Barbara can recommend the services of APDO members (Association of Professional Declutters and Organisers) in enabling and assisting the downsizing process and moving.


Financial Assistance

The Scottish Government offers support to those who need to move because their homes are no longer suitable but cannot afford to do so.  The current scheme is called shared equity for older people.  See and look up shared equity for older people.


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  1. I am interested in the progress in Glasgow and meeting others and to receive updates etc

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