Penington now has lowered the age for becoming a full or associate member to 50 years of age! We look forward to welcoming more people to become members of Penington cohousing, Glasgow’s first senior cohousing initiative.

If you are free on Saturday, 18 November between 10.15am and 11.15am, do come and join us at our drop-in coffee morning at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall cafe.

And as per usual, any questions you have about Penington cohousing please do get in touch via email (see below), Facebook or Twitter. We are looking forward to hearing from you and to grow our senior cohousing group in Glasgow.

Ann MacInnes and Barbara Potter have been in conversation with local councillor Josephine Docherty, SNP, who is very keen to promote Penington cohousing in the Southside of Glasgow and to help looking for further sites to `self build’, with help from Southside Housing Association.

The formation of the Scottish Cohousing Association is making progress. Final name, vision mission aims, how to become a member, and legal status are in the process of being decided. Currently members of 7 (and counting) developing cohousing groups, community led housing groups, plus architects and surveyors are taking part in the formation process. People are feeling excited. It helps to share one’s experiences with people in similar stages of developing cohousing/community led housing. We do hope that the challenges, the many challenges, we are facing will be tackled through this our national network. If you, who are reading this, are a member of a currently developing cohousing/community led housing initiative in Scotland, and would like to be part of this developing process and eventually join the Scottish Cohousing Association, please contact Libby McHale at

Meanwhile,  in the rest of the UK,  quite a few Co-Ho projects have called the builders in, such as at this Senior CoHo  in Colchester