We are now recruiting new members to take us from the planning stage to actual bricks and mortar.

It is exciting times right now in these developing stages of our Glasgow Senior CoHo with the growing interest in community-led housing and esp with the need for innovatiove housing models for seniors, such as a CoHo. We are delighted that you are considering to join us!

There are two ways in which you can join  us:

Become an Associate

Please download and fill out our Associate Application Form (.doc, 32kb). Then send it, along with a cheque for £40, to the address specified in the form. Please get in touch if you have any problems downloading the form.

IMG_6362 warm crop    As an Associate member you can attend business meetings, join in with activities, be kept up to date with progress, so you can help best help promoting the project, and you might want to put your skills and presence to good use in the newly emerging task groups! It is a great way to grow into the idea of cohousing, and to co-create the community of our historical cohousing initiative.


Full Membership:

Shared commitments and requirements for future residents

Full Members must agree to serve on at least one working group and contribute their time to the community building process, and to community tasks. You can indicate which working group and which type of community tasks would interest you. Please note that working groups and community tasks are subject to change as the project develops.

The purchase cost of your property

Penington Cohousing is aiming that in negotiation with Southside Housing Association (SHA), the final total cost of a flat together with a percentage share in Penington communal areas should not exceed £170K (at 2016 prices).

In order to be eligible for home ownership in the Penington Cohousing project and to complete the full membership application process, a membership fee of £250 must be paid, which is part of the application process. This payment represents a true commitment to purchasing a flat in the Penington Cohousing development and to becoming a Full Member of the Penington community. You will also be asked to pay an annual contribution of £80.

During the planning and building process, the project will require further finance. These payments will be offset against the final purchase price of your flat.

Full membership form for buyers  can be downloaded here (word doc version) and here (pdf version)

Membership opportunities for Rented Flats are still being worked on.

If you have difficulty completing these forms, print them off and take them to a business meeting or a social event to see a member who can help you with completing them. You may also want to discuss them with your family and friends and should get a legal opinion of what you are agreeing to do so you fully understand the commitment required.

Future residents will be asked to have in place documentation for their welfare and continuing Power of Attorney for Health and Finance.