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SSAC Report – Future of an Ageing Population

Hello all, as you know by now Penington CoHousing aims to provide sustainable co-living spaces for over 50s. There may be some questions as to why this is so essential however recent research which has been provided to us truly highlights the necessity of achieving our mission.


The research has been concisely presented in the following PDF link and fully highlights the future of Scotlands ageing population.

SSAC- Reacting to Report Future of An Ageing Population


If you have any further questions regarding this information do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form below, as we aim to provide our readers/members with as much information as possible!

February News Update

It has been a vibrant, busy start to the year for all of us at here at Penington CoHousing with lots of developments, we hope all our PenCoHo members are experiencing a similarly productive start to their year!

Our February news update will cover developments in the Titwood Road site, as always information on this can be found in our previous Autumn news update or as always on our “Where are we now?” section of the website which highlights our recent history and developments. Furthermore information will be provided on how contacting your MSP can help support and promote cohousing.

Titwood Road site and a request          

Great news!
We had a meeting with Southside Housing Association on Wednesday last week.

(Titwood Road site)

The Titwood Road site is in the Strategic Planning Investment Plan, What’s more Southside HA has already got its name on that site on the plan. We will now ask to have a meeting with the Development Officer, Glasgow City Council, Southside HA and ourselves.

 Watch this space for hopefully further exciting progress!

MSP’s have a new Planning Bill in the committee stage


Please ask your MSP to contact those of their political party that are on the reviewing committee to support the inclusion of cohousing and how it could be supported, in this Act.

The main points are that all Scottish Councils have cohousing in their strategic plans, that they offer help with partners(i.e. Housing Associations), in finding a site, and making the site affordable to cohousing groups. This may include `asset locks’, on the land.

Petra Biberbach, CEO Planning Aid Scotland, mentioned that in Germany, cohousing groups are offered brown field sites that have had remedial work already done on them, this has helped stop the urban areas from spreading onto greenfield sites, and kept towns alive and vibrant.

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Midwinter News and Well-wishes

Penington members have been busy, attending the National Co-housing Conference in London in November and a workshop run by University of Lancaster, about senior cohousing in December.
We are planning to have  speaker from the Scottish Development Trust in Feb 2018, at a meeting which will be open to all cohousers interested to hear the talk. We hope this will show us a way to acquire the site on Titwood Road, and help other groups to get a site for themselves.
One of our members who attended the conference in London wrote :

 500 enthusiastic people – very inspiring.

The conference was sponsored by several orgs – they all had stands, banks etc who want to get involved and help projects. Triados and CAF notably.

A junior minister of housing [Alek Sharma] promised support and some cash – but as ever, it was vague, £60 million for 4 years – £60 million a year for 4 years, or over all? Not sure. [nor was he]. He rushed off before questions!

Tom Heap from Countryfile – very supportive; talked of rural areas needing affordable sustainable housing to keep population.

There were workshops throughout the day, and lots of opportunity to chat to people, the lunch queue was particularly good!

The workshop ‘Telling Tales’ was interesting – someone from Cannock Mill in Colchester spoke about how they had used their website, press releases, etc to attract members.  A journalist, from Camden, who also writes for some of the nationals, spoke very clearly about what a journalist is looking for, how to  attract their attention, etc.  He recommended ‘cultivating’ a couple of local journalists, they will syndicate through to the nationals. If you do a press release, or have a story that might interest them, ring ‘your’ journalist, then send the copy, then follow-up with another phone call a day or so later.  Everyone talked about Facebook, websites, etc – creating a buzz.

It’s the season of good will

Dear readers, therefor and for many more reasons: please help us to create that buzz!

We have some good news feeds for you to see on our twitter and facebook accounts, updates from matters relating to #coho and #seniorcoho in general, you also might like to share.  Such as progress of fellow #coho projects, and how the words gets round such as here in Parliament; click here or on image to go to video to hear and see our champions speak.


Our stockings are filled with loads of good will AND they are waiting to be filled in the New Year with many more goodies in form of good news on the building site front, and more new members for our pioneer group making #seniorcoho history in Glasgow! Contact us to join us, to offer help, and also remember our drop-in coffee mornings are the 3rd Saturday of the month, 10.15am – 11.30am at the Cafe of the Royal Concerthall, the next one being 20th January.
May you all have a Happy and Peaceful Christmas.
And may more and more #coho initiatives manifest their dream like these folks here from around the world:

Join us now from 50 up!

Penington now has lowered the age for becoming a full or associate member to 50 years of age! We look forward to welcoming more people to become members of Penington cohousing, Glasgow’s first senior cohousing initiative.

If you are free on Saturday, 18 November between 10.15am and 11.15am, do come and join us at our drop-in coffee morning at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall cafe.

And as per usual, any questions you have about Penington cohousing please do get in touch via email (see below), Facebook or Twitter. We are looking forward to hearing from you and to grow our senior cohousing group in Glasgow.

Ann MacInnes and Barbara Potter have been in conversation with local councillor Josephine Docherty, SNP, who is very keen to promote Penington cohousing in the Southside of Glasgow and to help looking for further sites to `self build’, with help from Southside Housing Association.

The formation of the Scottish Cohousing Association is making progress. Final name, vision mission aims, how to become a member, and legal status are in the process of being decided. Currently members of 7 (and counting) developing cohousing groups, community led housing groups, plus architects and surveyors are taking part in the formation process. People are feeling excited. It helps to share one’s experiences with people in similar stages of developing cohousing/community led housing. We do hope that the challenges, the many challenges, we are facing will be tackled through this our national network. If you, who are reading this, are a member of a currently developing cohousing/community led housing initiative in Scotland, and would like to be part of this developing process and eventually join the Scottish Cohousing Association, please contact Libby McHale at

Meanwhile,  in the rest of the UK,  quite a few Co-Ho projects have called the builders in, such as at this Senior CoHo  in Colchester



Autumn News Update

It has been a long summer and many changes in and around PenCoHo. We hope our updated website here (which is still being updated as we speak!) will inspire you to connect or reconnect as new members are being recruited for PenCoHo Pioneer stage #2!

Titwood Road site: To be redeveloped for PenCoHo

The best place to catch up about our recent history is to go to our “Where are we now?” page , and find out what the above map and the image of the house here on the left is all about!

You might really enjoy also catching up on our story so far on this page, with back links to much intersting footage of our journey making senior co-ho history.

And then there are of course our next coffee morning drop-ins, generally  on the third Saturday of the month, held from 10.15 a.m. – ~ 11.15 a.m., at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall (2 Sauchiehall St, G2 3NY) at far end of the cafe away from noise of coffee machine.

Our next one, Oct 21st. The next ones: Nov 18th, Dec 16th

Cohousing in Scotland is getting into the news! Hear here some of our friends from Vivarium CoHo in Fife chat to Kaye Adams at her radio show on “CoLiving”, 18-09-2017

Kaye Adams gets to the heart of the stories making the news, offering the listeners the opportunity to have their say.

Communal living for the over-50s,The Kaye Adams Programme on Monday 18th September 2017 brought:

Scotland’s first co-living community for over-50s is set to be built by the end of next year.
The set-up is based on similar American models and is aimed at divorcees, widowers and those would benefit from communal living to combat loneliness, but who are not ready for the ‘regime’ of retirement housing.
Is communal living the way forward for the over-50s?

Well, of course there remains much more to be said about where CoHo differs from the mysterious ‘Co-Living’ project (where is a link to it? everybody asked on twitter after the show).

First of all of course CoHo is a community led undertaking, and in general self  built. In contrast to the much mentioned ‘Co-Living’ one. That has both its pluses and minuses, of course. Then the most loved aspect of CoHo, sharing meals together, and the more challenging aspect, making ALL decisions together, they have not been mentioned, and of course they also have their pluses and minuses.

But all in all, it so  very good to have dialogue and chat on radio, in the local media, on getting the word out and the brain juices flowing. is a blog entry that is a MUST watch and read, too! Congratulations ! And let us be comforted and encuraged ever onwards.

We’re delighted to announce that a London-based cohousing scheme has scooped the top prize at a national awards ceremony.

New Ground, the first senior female cohousing development in the country, was announced as this year’s best example of custom-build housing at the Housing Design Awards. Akin to the Oscars’ Best Picture award or Crufts’ Best in Show, this is a big deal for the community-led housing movement, and of course, a fantastic achievement for the Older Women’s Cohousing Community (OWCH) group, who have worked so hard to make the scheme a reality.

And then, on a local level, watch this space, currently only talked about on facebook and at the above Kaye Adams show: a Cohousing Scotland network is emerging!

So, let’s keep the conversation going and the pioneer group here growing from strength to strength with new hope on the horizon. Come and join us making history in Glasgow!




Learning Evolving – evolving learning

Yes, it is time to evolve, and learn how to. A lot of water has flown under the bridge since same time last year, and the big boulders of builders’ restriction have now proven to be too bulky to flow over it with the water available in our wee stream. With other words: the building plans for a Co-Ho development at St Andrew’s drive have proven too costly to be managable. It has been a very valuable experience trying to get our heads round it all, together with the stalwart support of Southsidem Housing Association (SSHA) and our joined consultant Steven Tolsen. We are now looking forward to soon share more of his final report and to keep on working together with SSHA and Steven to find a more viable solution for our dream to manifest. We are not alone in this slow and committed journey of an “ever onward, ever evolving” learning curve as similar Senior CoHo developments in the UK show. We are proud to be part of this path-making CoHo history in Scotland and believe firmly that in the not so distant furture it will be much easier for groups to manifest their dream because we make the road by walking, the new branch of the stream by flowing.

So, why not join us this month, 11 March and next month, 8 April at the Pollok Civic Realm?

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Older Women’s Cohousing

We are following a similar project in London called Older Women’s Cohousing (OWCH). They are a group of women over fifty who are creating their own community in a new, purpose-built block of flats.

They have had recent media coverage in The Guardian and The Express. You can also watch them on a recent episode of BBC Breakfast.