Come and Meet Us Saturday 15th September

Come and meet us and find out more over a tea or coffee. We are at the Tramway cafe, 25, Albert Drive, Glasgow, G41 2PE.

It is a very potent time now with there being opportunties and changes afoot, in and around PenCoHo.

Together we have the power to change


Pencoho events invitations & #scotcoho take-off

It is a very potent time right now with there being more and more #coho opportunties and interest about, and with #seniorcoho changes afoot, nationally, and in and around PenCoHo.

Together we have the power to change!

Find  out more this Saturday 20th January about the news of a Scottish Cohousing Association forming plus the latest developments at PenCoHo: between 10.15 and 11.15 a.m.,  at the far end of the Cafe of the Royal Concerthall, away from the noise of the coffee machine.

Then there is an open invitation to hear Catherine McWilliam from the Development Trust, at the beginning of the Penington Progress Meeting  1.30pm on 20th Feb, at Sparks, 1st Floor, 72 Waterloo Street, G2  7DA. There is a lift. Can people confirm if they hope to attend via email, so we all fit in the room please?

And another reminder for your diary: the next Saturday drop-in coffee mornings are on 17th February and 17th March, usual time and place (see above, tomorrow’s).

Now to some updates of our national network building:

#scotcoho meeting last Tuesday went well, officially launching the Scottish Cohousing Network, adopting a constitution (as an unincorporated association).

3. The purpose of the Network is to advance citizenship and community development and to advocate for Cohousing by:

a. Raising awareness and providing advice to national and local government, planners, social landlords and other housing professionals about the prospect for Cohousing in Scotland
b. Providing support to emerging and existing community-led Cohousing groups – sharing ideas and experience
c. Engaging with other related associations to promote Cohousing.

with the following criteria for Membership
7. The structure of the Network shall consist of:

a. Emerging and existing Cohousing groups in Scotland can be registered with the Network as Group Members
b. People aged 16 or over who are friends of the Network, and are interested in joining a Cohousing group, can apply to become Supporting Members
c. Organisations and professional advisers wishing to be kept in touch and invited to events organised by the Network can join as Associate Members.

Would you like to join? Or do you have any questions? Please contact the role bearers via
Special thanks to all who got us this far, a process involving many people over the last 2 years. Now the real work begins. And many more people are needed. We ARE making history in Scotland!

Here is to #cohousing #communityledhousing🔔🏘️☘️ Pass the word!


Also: please see, sign and share this petition from the SeniorCoHo group in Fife, as they work very hard making their dream reality: Stop the Demolition of Inverkeithing Primary School

Learning Evolving – evolving learning

Yes, it is time to evolve, and learn how to. A lot of water has flown under the bridge since same time last year, and the big boulders of builders’ restriction have now proven to be too bulky to flow over it with the water available in our wee stream. With other words: the building plans for a Co-Ho development at St Andrew’s drive have proven too costly to be managable. It has been a very valuable experience trying to get our heads round it all, together with the stalwart support of Southsidem Housing Association (SSHA) and our joined consultant Steven Tolsen. We are now looking forward to soon share more of his final report and to keep on working together with SSHA and Steven to find a more viable solution for our dream to manifest. We are not alone in this slow and committed journey of an “ever onward, ever evolving” learning curve as similar Senior CoHo developments in the UK show. We are proud to be part of this path-making CoHo history in Scotland and believe firmly that in the not so distant furture it will be much easier for groups to manifest their dream because we make the road by walking, the new branch of the stream by flowing.

So, why not join us this month, 11 March and next month, 8 April at the Pollok Civic Realm?

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Changes afoot! Plus: inside Holyrood

The first month of this New Year is drawing to a rapid close today and Penington CoHo is bracing itself for some mid stream rapids as we are set to change course to find a new site! The planned building developments at the site at Shields Road are proving economically not viable for our Senior CoHousing Initiative, and so the compass is getting reset for better grounds. Watch this space everyone, as Steven Tolson (consultant to SSHA and us) is about to publish his consultancy report, and as the very supportive dialogues with Steven and SSHA (Southside Housing Association) are evolving further now.

A small group of our members represented PenCoHo in Parliament last week at the Cross Party group on Housing, convened by Andy Wightman, MSP. We were there together with representative from 3 other Scottish Cohousing Initiatives, CHOISS from Edinburgh/Dumfries, Vivarium from Fife, and a big group from the newly rising CoHo star in Scotland, Clachan CoHo from Glasgow/Maryhill.

Margaret Whitelaw, one of our Associate Members is also part of her own fledgling CoHo Initiative in Lenzie (North of Glasgow) and she says:

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November Drop-in: Sat.12th, Concerthall Cafe

Our last drop-in Coffee Morning in 2016!

Saturday 12th November, 10.15- 11.30am, in the Cafe of the Royal Concert Hall.
You will find us at the back of the cafe away from the noise of the coffee machine.

Join in with exploring Cohousing at an informal social gathering and learn about the Penington Senior Cohousing project planned to be built not far from here. Meet Penington Cohousing members and friends, ask any questions you may have, and share your views. We will look at the revised architectural plans, too, and discuss the recent potential changes.

And we will prepare ourselves for the Scottish Co-Housing gathering in the Glasgow City Chambers on the 22nd November!

Children and Grandchildren of maybe interested elders are most welcome too!

Share widely also via our facebook events page .

Related news:

The Venue for our Drop-ins and and times for our progress meetings will change in 2017! Watch this place for updates!


(Credit for this month’s header photo goes to Enriched Earth NI website)

Important Event: Making Co-Housing Happen

We are delighted to invite you, 22nd November!

If you wish to attend because you want to make Co-Housing happen at long last in Scotland: please register via the eventbrite site here. (Text below taken from that page.)

Organised as a positive response to the recent Scottish Government’s Self and Custom Build event, the Making Co-Housing Happen Event in November will focus on how Co-Housing can contribute to  achieving outcomes in the Planning Review. We will also look at land, finance and delivery.

Speakers include

Archie Rintoul,  RICS (Event chair)

Steve Tolson, consultant
Petra Biberbach, PAS
Craig Sanderson, LINK Housing
Angela Doran , Glasgow City Council
Jane Serraillier, Springhill Cohousing Community Limited


Running Order:

9:30 – Registration/Tea & Coffee
10:00 – Introduction – Archie Rintoul

“The Big Story” – Steve Tolson
Evidencing the benefits and possibilities of co-housing and the life choices of people who may live there.

“The Scottish Story” – Petra Biberbach 
Mapping the systems of financing, regulation and decision-making influencing co-housing as a choice for investment, tackling barriers and streamlining opportunities

“The Opportunity” – Craig Sanderson 
Mapping out the necessary skills, pathways and organisational landscapes to support more capacity in more people to deliver co-housing living effectively.

“A Glasgow story” – Angela Doran
Opportunities in Maryhill.

Keynote address:  
Jane Serraillier, Springhill Cohousing Community Limited

Facilitated round table discussions, led by Matt Bridgestock of John Gilbert Architects.

  • What are the links between the social aims and values of sharing and collaborative housing and spatial forms designed for community or privacy?
  • What does affordability mean in the context of co-housing, and how does cost affect who can access this type of housing? How much does sharing reduce costs?
  • How can design respond to social and ecological concerns, foster contact between residents and incorporate technical innovations?
  • What needs to happen for co-housing to develop into a widely accepted housing option in Scotland? What are the specifics of the cohousing agenda in terms of policy, financing, land provision and housing delivery?
  • What can we learn from other community-housing approaches and from international examples?



Feedback from the roundtable discussion presented by facilitators and volunteers.
Conclusion and commitment to produce conference note for policy makers, practitioners and communities.

13:00 -14.30: Buffet Lunch and networking

Thanks to Glasgow City Council for providing the event venue free of charge.
Photograph copyright: John Gilbert Architects

Sunny October drop-in at Tramway Sat 8th

Our October drop-in this Saturday 8th, 10.30 am – 12pm, will include making a wee nature mandala to celebrate autumn!

We will meet at the first table in the cafe first, the one with the green and beige sofas.


Then we are planning to enjoy the sun in the hidden garden and make a nature mandala! Maybe take inspiration from our logo? colour-logo-circle

Join in with exploring Cohousing at an informal social gathering and learn about the Penington Senior Cohousing project planned to be built not far from here. Meet Penington Cohousing members and friends, ask any questions you may have, and share your views. We will look at the revised architectural plans, too, and discuss the recent potential changes.

Children and Grandchildren of maybe interested elders are most welcome too!

The weather forecast seems good, so lets enjoy it and ourselves! Bring your own wee nature treasures or take a walk in the hidden garden to find nature’s gifts to co-create beauty.


leave and cones


berries and wood



Hope you can make it ?

Here comes a cordial invitation to our next drop-in session, Saturday 10th September, 10.15- 11.15am, in the Cafe of the Royal Concert Hall.

You can share this invitation also via our facebook event page  and  use twitter to spread the word.

We have not been able to catch up with posting on our website here for quite a few weeks! So much has been happening and there are as usual only ever a few hands at any time free to process everything, especially now over the summer period. Quick updates:

  • date and venue for forthcoming Scottish CoHousing Cooperators event has changed from the 8th November at the Light House to the 22nd November at the Glasgow City Chambers. More details to come soon via Daniel Mackendry from A&DS (Architecture and Design Scotland). This is a by invitation only event, for people already active in either Cohousing or other forms of community led housing with an interest in Cohousing. The outcome of the event is hoped to pave the way to easier routes for getting CoHousing off the ground in Scotland. If you wish to be invited, please email <pencoho4u @ > to be referred to Daniel.
  • middle of August we had a great time visiting the award winning Castle Rock Edinvar over 60s independent living housing development Fortune Place in Edinburgh. Hopefully you find a wee report on this inspirational visit here on our website soon.
  • one of our members visited Scotland’s first and so far only exisiting CoHousing project, East Whins, near Findhorn, end of July. Report still forthcoming from there too.
  • the architectural plans are being redesigned for our St Andrews Drive development to bring the costs down and more people in. Come and see us next Saturday the 10th September, from 10.15am – 11.15am (usually we are still there at 12pm) to find out more. We had a very lively drop in last month in the Tramway, and felt so energised afterwards. Also because we have learned from two folks who came along that they are planning another CoHousing development in the Dear Green Place of Glasgow, one that aims to do self build. It brings us hope for Scotland to make a breakthrough for CoHousing soon.

Here some pictures for sneaky preview of reports to come:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It is exciting times. Come and join us.

Contact Ann MacInnes to speak to her if you want to know more about how to join us, especially if you can not make it to the drop-in.  Full contact details at the bottom of each page here on our website. Looking forward to hear and see you.

Growing Community

It has been a couple of exciting weeks:  we’ve had to start to rethink the plans because of the quantity surveyor’s initial costings!

We are now working our ways forward together with SHA (Southside Housing Association), JM Architects,  and Steven Tolson our housing consultant, to make our project affordable and to have the rented option viable. All PenCoHo Members and Associates are invited to attend a mid-day meeting with Steven next Tuesday to be heard and involved. We welcome your views, even if you are still at the stage of ‘finding out’ about co-housing and whether it’s right for you. So, if you have not yet written or sent off your application for Associate Membership and wish to join in this ground breaking project at this vital stage, please click here and download the form, and get in touch with Barbara by next Monday, 27th June.

Thanks to having the first draft of Architectural Plans available for discussion, and with having monthly drop in sessions now, we’ve made a great push forward. We have 4 new Associate members who are really keen to learn more about how Senior CoHousing can work.  More PenCoHo Members and Associates meet whenever they can and are starting to be “hands on”, contributing their knowledge and skills with things that need doing. There is much that needs action, especially outreach to find more members, so our Working Groups are beginning to evolve, members are meeting informally and our community is learning and growing together.

Join in:

2016 drop in flyer green

At the Drop-ins: Here is the flyer with the dates for the drop-in sessions up to the end of year.


But you can also contact us anytime to meet and talk with a PenCoHo member. Just get in touch. Contact details are on poster above, or reply here in the comment function below.


National CoHousing event:

If you are already active in community led housing, self build, or if you are a housing professional, an architect, or a policy maker, then you might be keen to find out more about an event led by Daniel MacKendry and team from A&DS, in autumn 2016 (as part of the 2016 Year of Innovation, Architecture, and Design and the Festival of Architecture). Plans are shaping up right now for this nationwide gathering of innovative housing and cohousing practitioners in Glasgow’s Lighthouse, to have an in depth look at the barriers and possibilities for cohousing in Scotland, and how to dissolve the former and help to manifest the latter. Please get in touch with Daniel and pass the word to everyone who may qualify to attend.

Our Appreciation:

PenCoHo’s appreciation goes to the whole team of all the above mentioned people and organisations. It is a privilege to be part of a growing groundbreaking group and wider community, keen to work together on our pioneering project to build Scotland’s first Senior Cohousing development in Glasgow. We know that in years to come different models of Senior and other Cohousing projects will become viable because we are sticking together with imagination and flexibility, one step at a time, paving the path to the shared vision of good housing solutions for older people.

Get informed:

Recommended reading for all you groundbreaking people:

Co-Housing in Scotland, recent article by leading architect Matt Bridgestock, with Steven Tolson

Growing Older – Growing Bolder,  our report on a CIH (Chartered Institute for Housing) on the ‘Getting Housing right for older people’ conference we took part

Land, communities and home, our report on the SEDA (Scottish Ecological Design Association) event we took part

All about LILAC,  “Low Impact Living Affordable Community”, an award winning Co-Cohousing Project in Leeds; the homes and land are owned by a Mutual Home Ownership Society (MHOS)

OWCH, a group of women over fifty who are creating their own Co-Housing community in a new, purpose-built block of flats in Union St., High Barnet, N. London.”


Forthcoming event in the wider community:

See for yourself – Community led Housing Solutions in Scotland” – Wednesday 13 July, hosted at Cassiltoun Housing Association in the beautifully refurnished Castlemilk Stables,






You are invited to our monthly drop-in sessions

The drop-in Coffee morning in May at the Concert Hall Café was both engaging and stimulating. The sun shone through the windows and the architects’ plans seemed to find warm welcome, and everybody’s presence made for a warm welcoming company. We now have three new associate members!  Hope they all read this here, and receive our thanks for letting their picture be taken so we can share our joy with the wider world. One has to do that these days via that Social Media business, you know!

So that the joy to be shared now more often and more widely, we have decided to have monthly social drop-in sessions. We have now added a social meeting on the south side, at the Tramway, alternating with the meetings at the Concert Hall café, so there is now a drop-in coffee morning gathering on the 2nd Saturday of every month.

Full Schedule now as follows:

11th June, 13th August, 8th October: 10.30 AM – noon at the Tramway Café, G41 2PE

8th July, 10th September, 12th November, 10.15 AM – 11.15 AM at the Concert Hall Café, G2 3NY


Please pass the word: our next drop-in session is 11th June, 10.30 AM at the Tramway Café, 25 Albert Drive. If the weather is good we might be outside on the Terrace, or take a wee wander round the Hidden Garden !

Confirming you are coming via text or call to 07818 061918 would be great, because it helps us to book an appropriate table size.

Children and grand children of interested, or to be interested, elders are very welcome.

Please pass the word.

If you are on facebook, like us and join up on the June events page here

collage 1

@PenCoHo – tweet about us, follow us!

The time is now: Join in with exploring Cohousing and learn about the Penington Senior Cohousing project planned to be built not far from here.

Travel info to Tramway: 

Scotrail: from Central Station to Pollokshaws East

Busses: , #s 3, 38, 57, 57A to Pollokshaws Road

Car: parking in the side roads of Albert Drive

Tramway Café has nice food!