Just imagine: all over this ‘Dear Green Place’ called Glasgow there are sprouting affordable neighbourhoods of sustainable low foot print houses, for both renting and buying, in small green clusters. Just imagine: 20 or so houses or flats in each cluster, which are home to fine folks who care for each other, because they share the same good old (and now NEW!) values of being good and respectful neighbours, who ken each other, and once or twice a week share meals together, share garden tools and machineries such as washing machines and DIY. Fine folks they are, they are really enjoying each others’ company when they choose to come together to lend a hand or two, and think things out together how to make their wee green place in the big green place more dear. They know they can button down the hatches if they need peace, because there are enough other folks in the cluster of cosy homes to share the care. And they’ll meet and mingle again when they are needed or long for some nice company, music or pottering about with others. alte-karlshorst

This kind of thing under the name ‘Co-Housing’ is happening for instance in Holland as a new model for community  building. And the rumour goes that Glasgow could really be suited … IF…. yes, well IF land can be made available that lies empty right now, and IF houses that lie empty just now can be freed to serve as rescued resources with skill and good will.


Tomorrow, 22nd November, in the Glasgow City Chambers a positive response to the recent Scottish Government’s Self and Custom Build event will take place. This Making Co-Housing Happen Event will focus on how Co-Housing can contribute to achieving outcomes in the Planning Review. We will also look at land, finance and delivery. Read more here.  The Event is free and way oversubscribed!

Next week, on Wednesday the 30th November, we from Pencoho will gather informally in the Cafe of the Tramway from 1pm for an hour or two to reflect on the 22nd November.
What has the event meant for us at Penington Co-Ho? What has it meant for the history of Co-Housing in Scotland?
All who feel connected with Penington CoHousing and Cohousing in Scotland are heartily invited!

Before that, this coming Saturday, 26th November, the exciting new intergenerational Clachan CoHousing intiative from Maryhill will hold its first Public meeting at 10 am in the Maryhill HUB. More details here and also about the Mutual Ownership model they will be using like the LILAC Co-op in Leeds does.  A great wee article in last week’s Evening Times about their

New homes scheme to increase affordable housing aims to build community spirit in Maryhill

can be found by clicking on the above link. Congratulations to all involve there and all the very best wishes. Ever Onward!

This website portrays many good co-housing examples and developments like this here in


“One interesting observation that can be extrapolated from the European experience is that across the variety of country-specific approaches to cohousing, cohousing for the elderly is booming across Europe. This is a positive sign, as the biggest challenge for cohousers in the years to come will be to ensure that elders will be integrated as fully as possible into the larger society. As the European experiences show the highly adaptive nature of cohousing can offer society a more sustainable alternative.”

Let there for be strong support on all levels for the Cohousing in Scotland ventures!

Here are our new dates for 2017, every second Saturday of the month,  and info about our new meeting venue in Pollok Library:


See you soon!