to our Pioneering Senior CoHousing Project

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architect’s drawing from our first proposal

We’ll develop as a senior community,
supporting each other into later life.

We are Penington CoHousing, a membership organisation developing a not-for-profit new-build cohousing project to provide sustainable co-living spaces for older people aged 50 and over.

With the project we are aiming to establish a thriving, mutually supportive community of seniors, a community which shares decision-making and tasks, based on our skills and abilities- with the ethos of being a good neighbour to each other.

By living together as a real community we aim to combat the isolation and loneliness experienced by so many older people.

We aim to enable members to manage the self-contained homes, communal areas and facilities in a co-operative and caring way, through an inclusive management structure.

This project operates as a not-for-profit company.