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We’ll develop as a senior community,
supporting each other into later life.

We are Penington CoHousing, a membership organisation developing a not-for-profit new-build cohousing project to provide sustainable co-living spaces for older people aged 50 and over.

With the project we are aiming to establish a thriving, mutually supportive community of seniors, a community which shares decision-making and tasks, based on our skills and abilities -with the ethos of being a good neighbour to each other. By living together as a real community we aim to combat the isolation and loneliness experienced by so many older people.

We aim to enable members to manage the self-contained homes, communal areas and facilities in a co-operative and caring way, through an inclusive management structure.

This project operates as a not-for-profit company.

Our Development Progress

March 2019
Penington CoHousing; Shawbridge Site latest news
I spoke to Kirsty Parry, Sales Manager, Urban Union, this morning. She confirmed that she knows Penington is interested in buying the ground floor flats of the Shawbridge development, on Shawbridge Street, South Glasgow. The Sales Office will be on site from mid to late April/May, 2019. She will have details of the properties and prices then.

I checked that the price she thinks a two bedroomed flat will be is in £170-180K range at present. She is awaiting the return of the prices from the contractors before the final price is known. To make a reservation will cost £1K, then 4 to 6 weeks later, a deposit of 2% of the purchase price will be required, after Missives are concluded. The full price of the purchase is to be paid at settlement, when the flat is habitable, and you will be given the keys. This is expected to be in December 2019, to early in 2020. There are two blocks of flats, so the entry dates for the blocks may be different. Kirsty mentioned that if we purchased as a group, we could negotiate a reduction in the deposit that is paid.

Steven Tolson, our consultant, also had talked to the Managing Director about a reduction of the cost of the flats, if we bought as a group. When Barbara and I discussed this, we hoped to be able to buy the one bedroomed flat as a communal flat using this discount. All members would have to agree that they are prepared to help with a portion of the cost of purchase, if this is to happen. This is an opportunity to create the first senior cohousing project in Scotland. Please tell anyone you know who may be interested. Penington is looking for more members who wish to be part of this cohousing group. ; email:-

February 2019
Update from Penington CoHousing
We have heard from Steven Tolson, our voluntary consultant, that the builder Urban Union, are planning to put the flats at Shawbridge, up for sale,`off plan’, in late Summer, the flats to be habitable by the New Year 2020. This means we have FIVE MONTHS (from March 2019) before we need to put deposits down on the flats to reserve them.

As far as we know the flats were to cost £170-180K. The deposit is usually around £5K.

January 2019
Update from Penington CoHousing
Penington has been given the opportunity to be part of a new build on the site at Shawbridge, which is across the road from Pollokshaws West train station and Pollok Park, in South Glasgow. Penington CoHousing (PenCoHo), is for people aged 50 and over, and is a group of people who want to live as a community, with the ethos of being a good neighbour to each other. PenCoHo is a company by guarantee and is not for profit. Cohousing tries to recreate the small communities where everyone knew who their neighbours were, but with the advantages of everyone being involved in the running of the community. For more information look at and I am afraid our web site is out of date because we don’t have the volunteer helpers, we need to keep it up to date.

We have been told that the flats which are on the ground floor will have two bedrooms, (there is one flat with one bedroom, but we hope to have this as our communal space), and an open plan living and dining area. There are town houses that will be for sale as well in the development, but these will not be fully accessible if some-one has mobility problems. The cost is thought to be between £160-170K for a flat. In this build there is only properties for sale. However, nearby are Loretto HA who are building flats for rent, and Glasgow HA already have properties along Pollokshaws Road. I am trying to make contact with Loretto HA to let them know what having a cohousing group nearby can mean for their tenants, but I have not had any contact as yet. If you are interested in renting from a HA and being part of the Penington community, then please do apply to be housed on the Shawbridge site. If you are applying to Glasgow HA please let me know so I can make contact with them too.

If you would like to find out more, you can Come and Meet us at cafes, which alternates between Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and the Tramway. To find out where check our Facebook page (peningtoncohousing) or Twitter (PenCoHo) account. Or you can email ( or phone me 0141 649 0114 (not after 9pm please).

Autumn 2017
Penington CoHousing is Glasgow’s first Senior CoHo development, a community-led housing initiative.  We are a membership organisation developing a not-for-profit new-build cohousing project for over 50s in Glasgow. This exciting, innovative and alternative residential project is being developed by our members themselves.

We intend to establish a thriving, mutually supportive community of seniors, a community which shares decision-making and tasks, based on our skills and abilities. Living together in this community will enable us to combat the isolation and loneliness experienced by so many older people. We have been inspired and encouraged by the paradigm shift emerging in  the UK and round the world and are at the forefront of a global movement of Senior CoHousing projects  breaking new ground for community-led, self-build and senior housing developments.

We are currently recruiting new pioneer group members and have a lot of information to share with you, so please explore our website, and contact us if you would like to know more to join the project as we move from the planning stages towards actual bricks and mortar. Or come along to one of our regular public information meetings, every third Saturday of the month 10.15 am – 11.15 am at the quiet far end of the cafe at The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 2 Sauchiehall Street, G2 3NY Glasgow,

Read more of our recent history here and of our story so far here.

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